Sunday, 20 February 2011

NZ National series champion 2011

Well the race didnt go so well but all I had to do was start the final to win the series (oh and show the officals how to add but I will get to that soon).
Yep it had been a busy week and a half for me. Fly to Nelson, Race and fly up to Hamilton 2hrs after the race, Spend the week at block corse (for my plumbing apprentiship) with three exams on Friday, drive to Auckland Sat morning and fly down to Christchurch landing at 10am and racing at that arvo at 2pm. I had a good start and knew I had to be at the front at the top of the hill to set the pace on the down hill (as the first time I had seen the track was during my warm up when I rode a lap) So with this in mind I decided the best way to learn the track was at the front. This worked for the first couple laps sitting 1st or 2nd and not panicking if others/locals caught up again. After a few laps I felt my legs just go flat and I knew I was going to have to call on some old school bluffing to get me through to the end. Soon after my legs went flat the young 16year old " pocket rocket" (Anton Copper) attacked and I couldnt call on any bluffing to help with that, I started to drop backwards quickly on that lap and decided to pull the pin at the end of the lap and try to save my legs for next weekends National Champs.
Although I didnt finish the race I had enough points to win the series, although the officals miss counted the points giving it to Carl Jones at first. As we steeped down off the podium I talked it over with them and we had it sorted, although by the time we had most of the people had left prize giving. Oh well at least it was sorted

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Nelson NZ round #3

Raced today and finished 3rd, Full report after sleep