Sunday, 13 June 2010

After finding out earlier in the week that I have tonsillitis, I decided to still do the first round of the N-DURO winter series. It had rained most of the week and was showering off and on through out the day. I got off to an ok start up the road climb and onto the gravel sitting the front and taking a group of 6ish away early. After the first 15min the bunch had dropped down to 3 of us with me still on the front, we rode together for a while with the other two swapping around behind me. On the way up to pondies one of the riders dropped off as the pace I was setting on the climb had finally got to him. So just one to go, We stayed together until old chevy when I was able to get a gap on a small pinch climb and then slowly opened it up on the next few pinches. Once I was free I kept the pace on and rode to the end "loan ranger" finishing the 40km muddy race in 2hr 2min. I have to be happy with how I rode considering how I felt and Im still on the Meds for my Tonsillitis.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Fundraising for the Worlds

Michelle Bellamy has donated some of her prints as fundraising for my trip to CANADA as the last part of my build up to the WORLD CHAMPS. I am planing to go for a 7 week block with 6 races jam packed in this time.

The prints are high quality, limited edition (numbered) signed and framed, ready to hang! all you have to do is choose the one(s) you like the most, and contact me.
I am selling the prints for $500 each (framed remember!), They normally go for around $690+ in the Galleries. The prices on Michelle"s web site are print only (no framing).

To view the selection of images available click on the link:

Happy choosing

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Tour of Tarinaki Day One

Tour of Tarinaki day one. On the way down last night I started feeling like I was getting the flu, it would be no surprise as the dude I work with has had a nasty one all week. So I woke up today not expecting too much. It was a chilly clear morning and we headed out for an early start. I got there a bit late so had no time to put on my queer-spares, got a quick warm-up and I was off. The TT was different from last year, this time an out and back. I finished it in 35th place, pretty good for a MTBer who usually has issues with TT's.
On the second stage (after a nice lunch and some catching up with fellow rider friends) we headed out for a mainly flat race. Soon into the race there was a 8 person break-away, so I put the gas on and chased down. I got a gap on the bunch with ease, and as I was gaining on the break I loked over my shoulder and Joe Cooper (the dude that won the TT by 20-30 sec) also had a gap and was chasing me. I waited for him and we worked together to get into the break. We worked in the break for a while until I noticed that my bars were coming loose. We had a good gap, but the bunch had been slowly reeling us in. There was no tec van behind the break so I had to drop off to behind the bunch where I tightened my stem, whilst going 45km/hr along very rough roads then jumped back into the bunch which had caught the break.
With 10km to go Gordy and two others made a break, and Gordy won the sprint for 1st. The bunch finished 50m behind and I think I was around 10th across the line.
Looking forward to a wet, thunderstormy day tomorrow, so hopefully I can keep this flu at bay.