Monday, 25 January 2010

Sundays race was round 2 of the summer N-duro series. Off the line my legs felt dead and flat, I pushed as hard as I could and Cabin, Carl Jones and I got a gap early into the race we then dropped Carl off near the top of the first big climb. Cabin got a small gap on me at the top of direct rd and opened it a little more up hill rd. As we neared the top of frontal labotomy Cabin had a problem with his bike and I was able to get back in front. We rode most of the way together swapping the lead and I also had to make a quick stop at one stage to check my bike for a sec. I caught back up pretty quickly as we hit traffic with the 25k riders. It wasnt until we only had about 1km to go before my legs felt like they were ready to race, I stayed in from down the last hill and as we hit the grass for the finish straight I kicked and opened the sprint up crossing the line about a bike length in front.
A good race, glad to get the win and now that nasty nasty training Ive been doing will start to pay off. Next race Tokoroa on Feb 7th, See ya all here!!!!!!!
I spent most of Saturday playing mechanic. First sorting a couple things on Michelles bike, then it was onto mine. new chain, rear derailer, bottem bracket new fsa cranks adjust the front derailer as the new cranks only have a 27-40 combo (the old ones were 29-44) and a good old check over the rest of the bike as well. I figured after doing all this I should go for a quick ride before racing it on Sunday. I went out a rode my first full lap of the race track we are using for the Tok round of the Nat series (yes it was the first full lap I have done of the track so stop worrying I havent done 100 laps and know it inside out)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Last weekend was round 1 of the N-Duro summer cup series. I had had a problem with my rear derailer so had to run a Sram one and shifter instead. Every thing was going to plan, I was feeling good, we had a train going on the gravel roads, I had been over the bars half way up a climb due to a branch bouncing up off Cabins back wheel. Other than making a small mistake and letting Dirk get a small gap I felt I had every thing under control and was starting to wind it up to bring Dirk back when, Yep you guessed it my history with Sram continued. The rear derailer some how turned inside out and twisted the chain in three spots, I spent a good 5 min getting things sorted so I could at least ride out (I really dont like walking!!). I decided to keep on riding as I had three gears I could use and I was still in 4th (with prize money paying down to 10th or 15th. I kept an even preasure on the chain and finished 5min down and still in 4th

After spending half the morning working on the bike and changing a few bits around, we went through to Vegas. After riding for a bit and a few pics had been taken, I was nearing the end of "Mad if you dont" when I pedaled over a tree root and my chain came off the big ring throwing me over the bars spraining my thumb and putting a lump just above my knee cap. Once riding again I decided to try the gear combo Ive been thinking of using in the Single Speed Worlds later in the year. Because "split endz" was closed we decided to ride "Tuhoto" backwards (makes for more of a challenge riding it that way).

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Test riding the new national series track in Tokoroa. Virgin ride, just been finished. There are a few steep spots and boardwalks to keep life interesting, as well as a good wee climb. Should be a good race track.