Wednesday, 27 July 2011

No world champs this year

This year I wont be heading over to race the world champs. During the NZ season I felt I was struggling to find the form I wanted, It didnt seam to happen until the Oceania champs. I had a good long brake off training which was just what I needed both for the body and mind. I tried a few different things and have looked at a few ways to mix up the training. I have decided to stay home this winter and work on a few things for next year, One is the usual $$$ issue plus there are a few things I have been working on with the body and mixing things up to keep the mind fresh as well. Some times staying back home can work in ones favor, I have been getting up in the middle of the night watching the world cup races on "" and learning alot along the way!
Training in the winter after working an 8hr day has had its challenges but things have become alot easier lately, I have hooked up with Nite lights and the amazing 1200 lumen light set that is so bright I went riding a few days ago and forgot to take my sunglasses off when it got dark! check them out at- I am also now able to keep track of all my training with alot more detail than ever before with Bryton, Im using the rider 35 with a cadence monitor on the road bike. The Bryton has SSOOOO many functions and thing to keep an eye on when uploading to your profile. I can also use power meters with the Bryton down the track and then I can really get down and work out just what is and isnt working.
Yep the good old winter is hitting us with all its got at the mo, -5 one day then blowing a gail and rain the next. With these new training tools it is alot easier to get out in it all.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Training in the winter

The bad part about having to work full time and train in the winter is having to go out after work as its getting dark and cold with piles of clothes on and flashing lights hanging off the bike as so cars can see you. I shouldnt have a problem with not being seen for much longer though as Night lights are hooking me up with a set of destroyer lights so I cant wait to get my hands on those. I have had a few weeks of good training now with spending a week in Nelson on the MTB in the wet every day, riding up some down tracks (and then back down). Since returning home I have been racking up some road kms and getting out for a play on the dirt in the weekends. On the days the weather is not being so nice to me I have been trying to make friends with my erg, although it dose have a nasty side to it and I know all about that!
No matter the weather, enjoy your time on the bike and remember "ALL WORK AND NO PLAY IS KNOW GOOD AT ALL"