Friday, 1 July 2011

Training in the winter

The bad part about having to work full time and train in the winter is having to go out after work as its getting dark and cold with piles of clothes on and flashing lights hanging off the bike as so cars can see you. I shouldnt have a problem with not being seen for much longer though as Night lights are hooking me up with a set of destroyer lights so I cant wait to get my hands on those. I have had a few weeks of good training now with spending a week in Nelson on the MTB in the wet every day, riding up some down tracks (and then back down). Since returning home I have been racking up some road kms and getting out for a play on the dirt in the weekends. On the days the weather is not being so nice to me I have been trying to make friends with my erg, although it dose have a nasty side to it and I know all about that!
No matter the weather, enjoy your time on the bike and remember "ALL WORK AND NO PLAY IS KNOW GOOD AT ALL"

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