Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sponsors link

Ok so check this out, Go to the following link and then on my name and it will bring you back to this! pretty cool huh

Yep, GEAX sponsored rider!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Final race for the NZ season

Thanks to Raewyn Knight for taking this sweet pic

The Oceania champs were held over the weekend in the red wood forest, Rotorua NZ. My form had been getting better as the season unfolded and I was looking to have a big race and improve on my 3rd placings over the past two years. It was always  going to be a tough race with  all the top Aussi riders over and in good form coming off there Nat champs a couple weeks ago. I felt good on the track over the days leading up and although having a crash on the rock garden on my last lap of practice I felt I had it under control. I was running GEAX TNT 2.1 MEZCAL tyres on my stans rims so I was going to have to do some thing rather stupid to "burp" that set up.  I had a good warm up and a good start, the legs felt ok but not fantastic, I was able to move into the lead near the top of the first big climb and spent about half the lap in the lead. Chris then Sid slipped past and I finished off the lap sitting in third and in touch with the lead, During the climb on the second lap my legs felt like they were towing a boat with out the trailer! I dropped back through the field and before I knew it I was well back and the legs were getting worse. By the time I was at the end of lap three it was game over. As hard as it was for me to do, I pulled to the side and waited for the 80% lap out rule. I felt (and still do) really disappointed with myself but some days know matter what you tell your self you just cant push through. 
With that behind me I decided to go for a play on a bouncy bike (called Bluey) the next day, I ended up stopping in to watch the XC Eliminator and as they had an uneven number I was talked in to racing, I didnt make it too far through the rounds and finished in 9th place. After the race a few of us rode to the very top of the forest up above Billy-T and rode down a new track linking onto Billy-T and then down a few more tracks to the bottom of the DH, We arrived about 2min after the last DH rider down so missed out on watching any of that
I am now having some time off racing (well XC anyway) as Im doing the "triple crown" super d race this weekend, Im mainly just doing it for the fun factor side of things but we all know what happens when we get on the start line!
I would just like take the time to thank all the people including my loyal sponsors that have been there over the season and all your support.