Sunday, 13 June 2010

After finding out earlier in the week that I have tonsillitis, I decided to still do the first round of the N-DURO winter series. It had rained most of the week and was showering off and on through out the day. I got off to an ok start up the road climb and onto the gravel sitting the front and taking a group of 6ish away early. After the first 15min the bunch had dropped down to 3 of us with me still on the front, we rode together for a while with the other two swapping around behind me. On the way up to pondies one of the riders dropped off as the pace I was setting on the climb had finally got to him. So just one to go, We stayed together until old chevy when I was able to get a gap on a small pinch climb and then slowly opened it up on the next few pinches. Once I was free I kept the pace on and rode to the end "loan ranger" finishing the 40km muddy race in 2hr 2min. I have to be happy with how I rode considering how I felt and Im still on the Meds for my Tonsillitis.

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