Saturday, 6 February 2010

Its the night before the Tok round (round 1) of the north island/national cup. We have a full house with Myself, Michelle, Darry, Locky, Dom and some guy by the name Stu Houltham. The track is looking awesome and so is the weather looks like a dusty one. Expert race at 1030 and Elite kick off at 2pm, I cant wait. I decided to change my tyres and run a the same as I run at the Huka xl, GEAX Barro Race. I did a lap this morning on the new tread to make sure they would be sweet and yep they are!!! just gotta remember to slow down enough on the rock shoot so I can turn onto the bridge haha. My new 40 tooth big chain ring means I can ride the whole track in it ("in the dog") but we will see how the legs like the "dog" on lap 6.

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