Saturday, 22 May 2010

One of the most fun days racing Ive had in a long time!!!!

The race was the "Crank Taupo" an xc race in the morning and then it was dh for the rest of the day. 10am the xc started, it was on all new tracks with some farm paddocks that made up most of the track. I got the whole shot and started to open the gap straight away, Cabin tried hard to keep with me but the gap slowly opened up on him and after about 7km I was out of sight. Even though I was out front I still had something to chase, Yep the lead motos!!! After the first 17km we hooked off and rode the back 9km loop again before climbing the last gravel and then dropping down through the paddock to the finish. I finished the 30km race in 1hr 21min just over 2min ahead of Cabin.

The DH, I didnt have a dh bike so I knew I was on the back foot from the start with Cabin riding one and Des Curry (4th place getter in the xc and 3rd in the dh) as he is one of NZs top dh riders. I decided just to do what I could and have some fun, That I did. I havent seen my fastest dh time as yet but I do know I was third overall the the combined "All Mountain" class.

Every one had an awesome day and this is one race that I will be spreding the word about and going back to!!!

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