Friday, 6 August 2010

So Ive been in Canada for over a week now, Ive gone from having to work all day and then train in the cold, dark often wet and down right crap weather, to having tan lines and going through a bottle each hour of my ride. I had only been in the country 22hours and I started in a local club mtb race, After going the wrong way "4 times" I caught the leader with about 15min to go. I followed him for about 10min and then took the lead back, As we came towards the end I worked out where I was and opened up the sprint nice and early and took the win by a couple bike lenghts.
I spent the week training near hardwood hills and then headed into stay closer to Kelso where our first race will be, We race at 1:30pm Sunday/ 5:30am Monday and the track is pritty cool with a nasty climb at the start, some fast stuff and some good ol Canadian rocks!

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