Saturday, 25 September 2010

What was I thinking?

For more info on this Photo check out and click on the Windham update.

Since the Worlds I flew back to NZ arriving on Thursday morning, spent the day in Auckland then drove home in the evening. Friday was spent unpacking and doing a few things around the house. Saturday I was in Taupo for the JAMIS Day/Night 12hr teams race, I arrived at the race with enough time to get changed put the bike together and ride to the start line where Daza was all lined up and looking nervous I wouldnt make it in time. As we were changing the transponder the 5min call was made. The start was jumped (like it is every year) and it took me till the first small climb to hit the lead, Once I had it the gap opened up and I thought every one turned around as there was no one in sight at the end of the second straight in the tents. About half way around the lap my legs reminded me that they had done a plane ride half way around the world and hadnt done a warm up so I made a deal with them, I would back off a bit and they would do more laps as the day went on. I finished the first lap and start loop in 22min 30sec about 1min up on second, I was able to do 19min laps most of the day with my last being a 22 in the wet/muddy/dark at just after 930pm.
Monday was my first day back at work, we are based at a large pulp and paper mill. It was the start of a 10day shut down where half the mill shuts down for maintaince so yep 12hr days for the first 4days then we cut back to 8hr days but had to work the weekend making 12days straight.
Today was my first day off and we decided to go for a hike/run in the bush not far from where I grew up. this was fine until we decided to go down another track for a bit turning our 1hr 30 trip into 3hr30 (WHAT WAS I THINKING?) getting back about half an hour before it started to get dark! Tomorrow I think will have to be a couple/few hours on the single speed as the Single Speed World Champs are getting close and I still havent done much riding on it yet

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