Tuesday, 26 October 2010


On Saturday 23rd I raced in my first Single Speed World Champs.
Since returning from the MTB World Champs in Canada early September, I have been busy training and getting used to riding with one gear. I raced a 50km race the week before the Worlds as a prep race and to see just how hard itwould be, Winning the race by 5min over Garth Weinberg (NZs MR Single Speed).
With a rather eye catching kit thanks to BELLAMY GELLARY and riding my Carbon JAMIS XC bike converted to a SS, a couple PEAK FUEL tubes taped to the frame it was time to race.
The big key to this race was going to be luck! with just over 900 riders all starting at the same time, Every one riding around a big circle and the starter with a blind fold on it all came down to luck on where you were when the gun went. Turnsout it wasnt my lucky day!! I was close to the 800s when the gun went off, A few of the top guys were in the first 30-40 so I knew it was going to be a hard day to catch them. After having to run up the first steep part of the climb, I finally found how far is to far to lean my GEAX SAGURO TNT tyres and hit the deck on one of the fastest parts of the track. Latter in the lap my chain came off, TWICE!! (in a couple hundred meters) and then again on the second lap just before the mid lap BEER short cut, After chugging a beer and using a tool to tighten my chain I was off again and still chasing down the guys in front making my way up to finish the race in 6th place.
It was an awesome day and an Awesome race to be a part of and already has me thinking about doing the National Champs.

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