Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cycle Obsession national round

Merry Christmas.....Happy New Year.....Round 1 NZ National series, Yep thats how it is in NZ.

Had a good start, leading the race from the gun. Big crash half way through lap 3 (of 6) and destroyed my front brake! So three times down part of last years National down hill series track was kid of scary. With close to a two minute lead (so Im told) when I crashed and most of that lead going in the tec zone, I was caught with just over a lap to go. I still tried a couple times to get a gap but couldnt make enough time before the dh to the finish, I had to settle for second place.
The track was awesome and the weather was hot making for lots of dust and my tyre choice of GEAX AKA the perfect tyre for the day. Other than my brake lever the loverly JAMIS bike didnt miss a beat and the PEAK FEUL helped me fly up the hills!!

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