Saturday, 29 January 2011

old meets new

They say "what goes around comes around" and that is exactly what has happened!. In 2000 I signed my first proper sponsorship deal to ride marzocchi shocks, now in 2011 I am testing a new set for the guys at YD-open. they are similar weight to the sids I have been riding and have that feeling you would expect from marzocchi. I had my first ride on them today and I have to say, they feel as smooth as my old set I have been using on my single speed only lighter, stiffer and with a lock out! I will be riding them for the rest NZ season so Im sure I will be putting more updates up about how they ride, but so far so good.
I have built the forks up on Michelles carbon JAMIS frame to race for the rest of the season, After todays ride Im sure it will turn heads and get a fair bit of attention!

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