Monday, 20 February 2012

NZ national round 3, Wellington

After two weeks off from racing, It was time for another round of the National series. Held in Wellington on the Mt Vic tracks that we have raced on since the early days (mid 90s). Over the years I found the GEAX MEZCAL tyres to be awesome on these tracks, so much I fitted them at the start of the week before looking at the long range weather. This year was a little bit of a different lay out with a more compact track that came back to the same point a few times per lap to make for some good spectating. I had a good start and planed to sit in 2nd or 3rd up the first climb, this worked out for the first half of the climb but then I found my self on the front and making a small gap towards the top and leading into the decent. I had only done a couple laps in pre-ride the day before so I was still finding my lines down a couple sections, so I made a couple mistakes but was able to hold the lead for half the first lap before Dirk slipped in front of me and attacked straight away. From this point my legs and lungs didnt want to play the game for the next couple laps and I slipped down into 4th spot, At the start of lap three the legs and lungs decided they would start to work and I started to feel good on the climbs. From this point I started to pull back time on the guys in front, I moved into 2nd and started to close the gap on Drik (who at one point had over 1min gap on me). I was able to close the gap down to 22sec by the finish feeling stronger and stronger all the way to the finish line. Things are looking good for the coming weeks of racing with the final of the NZ national series being this weekend coming in Napier.

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