Sunday, 19 August 2012

Mid winter update

Well its been some time since I last posted an update, So here goes...
I have decided this year to take some time to do a few other things other than the usual training and racing that I have every other year. I am trying a few different things to get that spark back on the MTB and racing, After 16 years of racing the National MTB series and growing up riding motor bikes it was  easy to decide to get ahold of a moto. I am still riding most days on the road to keep the fitness in order but I am now playing around on a motox bike as I see it as a great way to sharpen up my skills and do some thing that takes full concentration while challenging me physically.
I am also focussing on my studies as I am in the last few months now and it will be nice to have it out of the way before the summer kicks in. With this in mind it dose not mean I have stopped racing, No not at all, it is just a good time for me to play and have fun doing a few other things before the summer racing months kick in again.

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