Monday, 18 February 2013

What a weekend......

It was a full on weekend to say the least, and Im am off out of town for a few days with next to no internet so my weekend wrap up wont get posted for a few days yet, but will try have it all done and ready to go as soon as I can.

a quick recap though,

My new bike arrived at the country at the start of last week so I picked it up on Thursday evening, Built it on Friday morning ready to race on Sunday.

National champs went well for me and Im happy to finish up racing ELITE with a 5th placing across the line and 2nd in the senior class of the elite grade (under 23 and senior raced together).

I will quickly make it clearer that, YES I have decided to stop racing ELITE XCO but will still turn up to the odd xc race so Im not going to drop off the face of the earth! Also I am starting to race gravity enduro/ Super D type races as a Rocky Mountain rider! as well as a few enduro moto events.

I also raced the 2W gravity enduro on Sunday as a bit of a fun way to finish the weekend off and as an intro into the new format of racing, as I knew I would be a bit smashed after the xc the day before. I enjoyed it and without seeing the results yet I think I was top 10-15.

Like I said the full story about the weekend and beyond will be up soon so watch this space!

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