Thursday, 7 March 2013

Whats next people ask me??????

Keep riding (Im the first to admit I will never stop riding on the dirt) I may/will turn up to the odd cross country race but I just dont have the time, desire, motivation and drive I once  had to put the time into preparing my body to be turned inside out every time the start gun goes off. I feel its time to start trying to focus a bit more on work and wheres the next step with that. I am also planning to do a few Moto trail ride enduro race events during the year so will need to stay fit for that!

One of my new focuses is going to be the new and exciting formate of GRAVITY ENDURO racing, as Im starting with a fresh new style of racing Im also starting it on a new sled! YEP thats right Im now a  ROCKY MOUNTAIN rider! Im now rolling around in baggies and on a ROCKY MOUNTAIN ALTITUDE 770MSL. This is one sick bike! 650B (27.5") wheel size, 150mm of FOX shocks, reverb dropper seat post, RIDE9 ect ect. 

Growing up ROCKY MOUNTAIN was always one of those few brands I looked at and could only dream of having, NOW I get to ride and race one (dreams do come true!!!) 

I have already raced my first gravity enduro, the day after National champs XCO and had an awesome time although it was my first ever ride on the new rig and I was feeling rather smashed from the day before (and the night before....) I am off down to Queenstown on the 22nd of March for a couple superD/gravity enduro races that week.

Stay tuned as I have a few other things to reveal in the coming weeks......

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