Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mt Vic Super-d, Wellington

rocking my ADIDAS goggles and
 new BELLWETHER clothing
I had been toying with the idea for a couple weeks and late last week I decided to head to Wellington to race in the third edition of the Mt Vic super-d. It is about a 5&1/2hr drive each way so I it the road around 8am on Saturday and had a few stops along the way to brake up the drive, I arrived about 230pm and headed straight to the track. Mt Vic is on the edge of the city CBD, over the years I have raced many cross country (xc) races here and had pretty good results along the way even claiming a couple National titles. The easiest way to describe Super-d is its a tamed down down hill track with a couple climbs along the way to test the legs, lungs and see whos got a bit of fitness! Over the years (1996-2013) we have used most of the hill to hold our xc races so I had raced on about 2/3 of the track we were using at some point, although I only had about 100mm of shock travel on the front and my seat was always up! now I have 150mm of travel front and rear and my seat can go up and down at the push of a button!!! The parts of the track I hadnt ridden had some cool sections including some "ski jump" step downs and some freshly cut off chamber tree roots, the track went from the top of the hill to the bottom with a good mix of every thing. I rode to the top on the road and did a look lap then repeated to climb the road and increase my pace a few more times on the Saturday as I knew some of the top locals had been riding the track most of the week. Race day, we could catch the shuttle up a get a few runs in during the morning and get all the lines dialed before seeding. I had a good clean seeding run and was a bit surprised to be the fastest in "MASTERS 1"in 5min30.0 and had the second fastest time out of every one 6sec back, I knew I had to keep it fairly clean and tidy while pushing hard during the race run as there were a few guys in "M1" that used to race pro elite down hill a few years ago and have a bit of fitness to get them up the climbs. We had no idea who had finished where until prize giving although second seed and the one I knew would be my biggest threat "THE WEAZEL" had counted when he crossed the line until I crossed the line and had 27sec so we knew it was close, so we hung out and talked smack about our runs while watching the other grades come down on there race runs. Prize giving revealed all and it turns out I had managed to take more time off my seeding run with a 5min25.8 but "THE WEAZEL" is a bit slow at counting, he finished 1.8sec ahead of me and taking the fastest time of the day in 5min24.0 I had the second fastest race run (with the fastest seeding guy going two sec slower in his race run) Turns out both the fastest race runs were from  M1 and neither of us are locals! so much for home town advantage.......
Thanks to SPOKE magazine for being up there taking photos all day

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