Saturday, 27 February 2010

2010 NZ XC National Champion. Short track action tomorrow.

After a "few" beers on Sat night we went up to the DH for the short track race during there lunch brake. The woman raced first with 15min plus 3laps of a sub km track mostly on loose gravel with one little shoot with a damp patch at the bottem. After the womans race it was our turn, 20min plus 3laps, we had a few min to practice the track and then it was game time. I had an average start off the line but was on the front before the end of the first lap. Three of us got a gap a few laps in and then after about 12min I lifted the pace and then there was only two (Cabin and myself), We kept the pace on swapping the lead a few times and I threw myself over the bars in the damp patch at the bottom of the shoot on one of the laps. It wasnt until the last lap that I was able to get clear, We were going around the flat gravel S bend at the top of the track when Cabin buzzed my back wheel and had to unclip. I didnt realise I had a gap until someone yeld at me saying so, Once I herd that I put the hammer down and was gone!. I won the race and my second National title for the weekend, Gotta be happy with that!!!

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