Thursday, 11 February 2010

Maybe designing, building, clearing and marking out the track wasnt the best way to build up to a National cup race. I did have some help but the bulk of it was on my shoulders. It was kind of fun but it did take some of my focus away from my own race. I have been riding on a set of warn GEAX SAGUARO tyres for training on (the perfect all weather tyre), The day before the race I decided to run some GEAX BARRO RACE tyres and then did a lap (after dropping off the JAMIS tents for the feed zone ect) to make sure they would be the ticket. RACE DAY, I had to have a chat to the officals at rego on the number of laps we would be doing and why we should only do 6 laps and not 7. I started the race on the second row and was wearing my new Adidas T-Sight glasses as it was sooo bright, Off the line the new CARBON JAMIS hardtail helped me hit the front and I pretty much stayed at the front for most of the race. Well until Carl caught up to me with a lap and a half to go, and then one of his attacks caught me off gard and I wasnt able to get back to him.

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