Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I raced again on the weekend, It was the N-duro final and not the nat round up in Hamilton. I chose this for a few reasons, But the main one was it was going to be more of a similar terrain to the Nats track in Wellie.
I decided to leave my GEAX BARRO RACE tyres on as we hadnt had much rain in Tokoroa, When I arrived in Rotovagas the ground was rather wet and people were saying how they had been woken up over night from the rain, Oh well I only had the one set of tyres with me so it was going to be a slippery out there for me.
I got off to a good start leading the feild into the single track before being passed for a short time. Not long into the race it was just Cabin Stu Houltham and myself, I was able to gap the both on all the big climbs but for the first half of the race I was a bit slow down the decents as the tracks were still a bit slippery. I was able to hold the gap on the third long decent as I was getting use to the slip sliding around and stayed away for the rest of the race. I finished about 1 min ahead of Cabin but it wasnt enough to win the over all series due to my gear problems in the first round.
This weekend is the final round of the Nat series in Rotovagas and then off to Wellie-town for the big one.

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