Sunday, 29 August 2010

Windham World Cup

We made it to Windham Monday Arvo, and checked into the “haunted house” I decided to go for a ride to the track on the road, 55min later in steady to heavy rain I was at the track. I was riding a set of MEZCALs so figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to ride a lap in these conditions, so I turned around for another 55min in heavier rain. We decided to find some where closer to the track and the place we found was a 5 min ride and really nice for not much more each. The track was closed for the next couple days so it didn’t get recked before the weekend of racing , so we still couldn’t ride it until Thursday. I finally got out on it and it went up and up and up with some cool rocky tech sections on the way back down.

Race day was hot and dry, I was running TNT SAGUAROs front and rear as it was still a bit damp in the trees. I had a good start going from my call up in 83 and getting up into (I think) the 30s by the end of the first lap before my legs decided they don’t like going up hill as much as the guys around me and I started loosing places. On lap 4 (of6) my legs started to come right again and I started to hold my place, as I hit the feed zone starting lap 5 I was offered both the coke bottle and a water bottle and knew this could mean only one thing, I was right on the cusp of being pulled out due to the 80% rule. I took the water as I still had a tube of PEAK FUEL and smashed the lap as hard as I could passing 6 riders and missing out on the last lap by less than 10seconds (Dam that 80% rule). I finished 60th over all out of 110ish starters, not bad I guess considering most of the guys ahead of me do this full time and they have been racing all summer not just 4weeks.

The trip back up to Mt Sain Anne was a bit longer than it should have been, We broke down no the high way in the USA and had to go a tow truck. We struck gold when we found a guy open on a Sunday arvo that would drop what he was doing and fix it for us. A few hours later we were back on the road and making our way in to Canada arriving at Mt Saint Anne, 15.5 hours after leaving Windham (and google maps said it was only an 8hr drive!!!)

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