Sunday, 22 August 2010

Quebec Champs

We raced at Mont Saint Anne in the Quebec Championship race. It was on most of the World Champs track, although it did miss the most tech part. The weather was once again fine and sunny, in the mid 20s so I decided to run a GEAX MEZCAL on the front and a GEAX AKA on the rear. I was standing on the start line behind Marie-Hélène Prémont (yep she races in the men’s race in Quebec for more competion) I had an ok start making my way into 5th early on but was on able to go when Raphaël Gagné attacked. I made my way into 2nd, near the end of the first lap and rode a good solid race, as the laps unfolded I had a couple guys catch up to me but each time they would try and get a gap on me something would happen to there bike (burp a tyre or gear problems ect). I lost count of what lap I was on and stopped at the finish line on what I thought was the end of the race, after a few seconds and trying to talk to (only French speaking people) and the next guy coming through, yelling to me I realised I still had a lap to go. I grabbed the transponder back and started sprinting to catch second back up, as I caught him I attacked past and put a gap on him putting 20sec in between us by the proper finish. I finished the six laps in 1hr28min05

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