Monday, 16 August 2010

Bromont Canada Cup

BROMCANCUP1 After taking more time than I had hoped to find a feeder, I only got a small warm up done before we were called up to the start line. They called us up on UCI (world) ranking, so I was called up on the front row as I have good points from our National Champs and Ocieania Champs.
It was 29degrees as we were standing on the start line and I knew it would be easy too cook your self in the race if you didnt watch it. I had a good start, leading up some of the first climb and staying the front five for most of the first lap. My legs started to feel a bit heavy as I started the second lap and I dropped back through the field, Stu and Carl (kiwi boys) both caught me and put a small gap in to me as I jammed and then dropped my chain. I kept fighting on and was able to get back to them after a while, with all three of us swapping positions until I found my legs and miss counted what lap we were on (thinking it was lap 5 when we were only on lap 4) With my legs coming back I made my move and got a good gap on the other two.
Once I worked out I still had an extra lap I had that (oh crap I hope I can hold this pace and not blow) feeling but thought too late now just keep pushing!!!
I pushed hard on the last lap and was able to hold Carl and Stu off, I also saw a few people either crashed out or were standing on the side of the track fixing flat tyres so I knew I could be moving up in the placings. I finished the 6 lap race in 9th, 1hr 44min (still 10min off the winner). I know a what I need to work on in the next few weeks to improve my speed and close that gap so it time to start sorting it out.
We will be staying in Bromont for a couple more days then heading up to Mt Saint Anne to do the Quebec chmaps race and look at the World Champs track.

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