Thursday, 18 July 2013


July 13th I raced as part of a 2 person team in the Dawn2dusk 11hr Gravity race, The race was based at the bottom of the "National DH" track in the redwood forest, Rotorua. The race was being used as a fund raiser for a couple guys heading to world champs in South Africa. 
 We caught the Shuttle bus to the top drop off point and had a bunch of tracks tracks that we had to complete through out the day before we could choose which ever runs we wanted to do, 3x National dh, 3x jumps track, 2x corners track, billy t- down to moonshine and then part of chinese menu, Hotxbuns onto bunny jugs. 
I ended up sleeping in a wee bit on the morning of the race, Jumping out of bed at 6am smashing some food and a coffee back (cant leave home without either!) I jumped in the ute and shot over to the race arriving as the first riders including Lester. The tracks were a bit damp/wet as we had a bit of rain in the days leading up  but the new GEAX GOMA tires I am running were amazing! totally predictable and never letting go. My first run was down "jumps" Im not sure why but jumps track is one of the tracks I havent really done much yet with national dh track being the other track (to be honest I I did my first run down national dh in about 6years just the weekend before the race) I found my way down with only one small mishap finding a large hole and almost going over the bars...
As the day went on we were picking off the runs leaving national dh to last, Both Lester and I only had out trail bikes (both on 650b wheels) unlike other teams that had both trail bikes and dh bikes to use throughout the day, both of us were finding our way down national dh but as it was the fastest way down we kept making our way down the dh track. At the end of the day we managed to pull off 2nd in the two man teams.    An awesome day and good luck to the guys off to world champs 

Below is my second run down Jumps track  

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