Monday, 1 July 2013

New rubber!

It looks like the team at GEAX have been busy doing what they do best! Yep they have come up with a new tire to take on every thing the new world of GRAVITY ENDURO racing will try throw at the riders. They have called it the GOMA and it is to be part of the 2014 line up. I have just been sent a pre-production set to try, the set I am trying are 27.5 (650b)x2.25 They will come in a range of wheel sizes and in two widths.
I fitted them to my bike tonight but didnt make it out for a ride, I will be putting them through their paces and will be sure to let you all know my thoughts on how they preform. Below is a link to inform you a bit more on these new tires 
Over the weekend I also "blinged"out my bike a bit more, taking the dual chain rings off and fitting this new straight line chain guide a red chain ring and bash ring, Im now thinking its time to go racing!!! Maybe the dawn2dusk will be a go.....

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